Green Tree Early Childhood Center Financial Assistance Policy

Green Tree Early Childhood Center provides financial assistance to qualifying enrolled families and accepts applications from newly enrolling families.  To help provide guidance for awarding financial assistance, the Board of Directors (Board) identified the following three goals for the program:


· Retaining enrolled families at Green Tree;

· Providing tuition assistance to Green Tree staff members; and

· If federal enrollment drops below 50%, retaining enrolled federal families and attracting new federal families. The General Services Administration (“GSA”), which provides funding assistance to Green Tree (e.g., rent and some equipment), requires that Green Tree give federal families priority enrollment;


These goals are provided in no particular order, and may be prioritized by the Board according to Green Tree’s budgetary, licensing, and other needs in any given year.  A copy of the Financial Assistance Policy is provided below. The Board requests applications from enrolled families every August.  However, applications are accepted at any time from enrolled families experiencing temporary financial hardship and from newly enrolling families.  Please contact the Green Tree Director for more information.


2012 Financial Assistance Policy


Other Assistance Child Care Resources has information regarding alternate financial assistance for child care in Washington State.  For more details please call their Seattle office or visit their website at http://childcare.org/families/online-resources.asp#Financial.


The Green Tree Director may be aware of other sources of assistance. Please feel free to contact her for more information at 206-553-8212.

Tours are held once a month.
Call for details:

Cathy Prygrocki, Director

1200 6th Avenue, Ste 200
Seattle, WA 98101