Center Policies
Below you will find some of the Center's policies highlighted in the Handbook given to new parents.

Admission Policy and Procedure.
Green Tree Early Childhood Center welcomes all children regardless of their race, religion, sex, national origin, lifestyle or special needs. We practice non-discrimination in client services and employment practices. Interested families are invited to tour the facility, interview the director, observe your child’s potential class, and complete the appropriate forms. Since the child’s well being is our most important concern, we ask that the parents fill out all registration forms completely and thoughtfully. Please keep these forms current by updating them whenever any information changes, including changes in address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, people that can pick up the child, recent immunizations or well-child checkups.

Children will be admitted on the date of the parent’s choice after forms and fees are presented. Should there not be a space available, the child is placed on a waiting list and parents will be notified when a space becomes available. Children of federal employees and siblings of enrolled children are given priority on the waiting list. Part-time enrollment is an option for federal and non-federal families based on consideration of available space and enrollment projections. Drop-in care is available for children currently enrolled at Green Tree, again depending on space availability. (See below for further information about drop-in care.) Because of staffing and budgeting considerations, Green Tree does not provide rebates should the Center be closed due to holidays or inclement weather.

Ice and Snow. We want to ensure the safety of the children at Green Tree. When snow or hazardous road conditions exist, the Center will close according to guidelines set by the Seattle Public School District. Closure is not at the discretion of the Center. Green Tree will not go over ratio at any time; please be prepared to stay with your child until we have sufficient staff to maintain our licensed ratios. In the event that the weather worsens after the Center has already opened, and the Seattle Public School District decides to close the schools, you will be contacted by the Center to come and pick up your children immediately. For this reason it is particularly important that you keep the Executive Director and the teachers advised of where you can be reached at all times.

Earthquake Precautions. In the event of an earthquake, the staff have been in emergency evacuation procedures. We ask that parents prepare an “earthquake kit” for each child enrolled at Green Tree. See your child’s teacher for more information.

Daily Sign In/Out Procedure. It is very important that your child be signed in and out each day. The parent or guardian must sign the child in on the clipboard located in the classroom before leaving the child in the care of the center. Please write your child’s name and time of arrival as well as the estimated time you plan to pick-up your child A full signature is required. Please, also sign out with a full signature and the time when you pick up your child. It is necessary for this to be done each day.

Clothing. Children should wear clothes that are suitable for active play, washable, and easy to manage by them selves. Everything must be clearly marked with your child’s name. Each child also has a “cubby” for his or her things. Please be sure to keep an extra set or two of clothing (including socks) in the cubby.

For excursions, make sure each child has a raincoat and boots. Each child should have a sweater or jacket to allow active movement. For the winter, please don’t forget mittens and hats. In the summertime, have a swimsuit and towel on hand. In order to establish a nurturing atmosphere in which all our children will be comfortable, we ask that your child not wear clothing to school that depict mean or scary characters.

Field Trips. Infants and toddlers are taken for stroller walks whenever weather permits. Preschoolers take walks to the library, monorail rides to Seattle Center, and occasional field trips to special events by Metro bus. Our staff to child ratio will be increased appropriately to provide adequate supervision. Before any field trips are taken, parents must sign a permission form and return it to a lead teacher (see attached permission slip).

What To Bring From Home.
Clothes: In addition to changes of clothing, please bring a blanket for naps. Please also keep abreast of your child’s supply of disposable diapers and wipes.

Food: Parents are responsible for providing bottles, formula and baby food for infants, and food substitutes for waddlers and older children with special dietary needs.

Toys: We encourage children to leave their toys at home, with the possible exception of a naptime friend or transitional object. Feel free to discuss this with the teachers.

Birthdays and Other Holidays While it is important to us to recognize special days in children’s lives we strive to celebrate them in ways that are child-centered, educationally oriented and developmentally appropriate. Every effort is made to be culturally sensitive. Please share with your child’s teachers any celebrations that are important to your family, and how you celebrate them, so that these could be included in the classroom planning. Please coordinate birthdays with the classroom teacher. Green Tree will provide a special snack for birthdays or if you choose to bring a snack to celebrate a special day we encourage healthy alternatives such as frozen yogurt, fruit bars, or cereal bars. All food brought to share with the class must be store bought and labeled with the ingredients (this is a licensing requirement).

Discipline Policy. We strive to keep the children busy and interested with a variety of suitable activities each day. We are positive and sensitive to individuals and are determined to avoid stress and resolve conflict. We encourage children to verbalize and listen to each other, and we work to see that they understand the limits and expectations. This should prevent most problems before they even occur. When preventative measures fail, gentle verbal reminders and suggestions are offered. Children are taught specific skills for problem solving and conflict resolution. No one is ever allowed to slap, spank, or otherwise physically punish a child who is in our care. Our most severe disciplinary measure is a brief “time apart” from the group followed by a teacher/child discussion. This is not considered punishment, but a way to provide safety for the group and security for an out-of-control child.

Moving Children to the Next Group. It is very important that children be developmentally ready for the next level in the Center. This decision is left to the child’s teacher, who considers many factors when contemplating a move and who will consult with the child’s parents and the director. The primary factor in moving to the next group is the well being of the child. Transitions are gradual, so that a child can get to know the caregivers, the other children and the environment a little at a time.

Communication. Parents are welcome in the Center and may have free access to all areas used by their children at any time.

Please check your child’s cubby, mailbox, and your family folder daily for notices. We welcome frequent discussions with parents. There will be scheduled room meetings and conferences which parents are encouraged to attend. Parents should feel free to make additional appointments as they wish.
The bulletin board at the front door also has notices that affect the Center as a whole. Scheduled times of any parents’ meetings and open Board meetings will be posted there. Please watch the bulletin board also for information about classes and events of interest to families.

If you have a problem or concern about policies, staff or other aspects of Green Tree, please direct your concerns to the director or a member of the Board and your issues will be addressed promptly.

Hours of Operation.
The Center will be open at 7:00 am and close at 6:00 pm Monday through Friday, except on the following federal holidays:

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday
Presidents' Day
Worthy Wage Day

Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran’s Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day after Thanksgiving
Christmas Day

The day after Thanksgiving is not an official federal holiday. Green Tree is closed on that day in appreciation of our staff.

We close promptly at 6:00 pm; there is a late pick-up fee of $2.00 per minute. Please expect to be billed for each minute after 6:00. This late fee is to reimburse the inconvenienced staff member.

Disaster Plan.
Please see binder on the counter at main entrance of the center for details regarding the center’s disaster plan. The Washington state licensing department requires that we obtain a signature from each family to ensure familiarity with and access to the disaster plan. There is also a copy of the plan in each classroom and office. If you would like your own personal copy of the plan, please let the office know and we will furnish you with a copy.

Parent Responsibilities

1. Courtesy towards staff.
2. Sign your child in and out each day.
3. Non-interference with staff on disciplinary matters not involving your child; report problems to the Lead Teacher and the Executive Director.
4. Respect the limits of the classroom.
5. Participate actively in fund raising activities.
6. Do not leave child before 6:30 am.
7. Pick up your child by 6:00 pm. You will be billed $2.00 per minute after 6:00. Please call the Center if you are running late.
8. Don’t discuss other children in the room.
9. Be positive.
10. Keep your child home if ill.

Staff Responsibilities
1. First and foremost, staff are responsible for the health and safety of all children in the Center. Staff must be in compliance with the Health and Safety Policies described in this handbook, or as may be set forth by the Executive Director.
2. Staff members must report all potential hazards (safety, health, environmental) to the Executive Director immediately.
3. Staff are responsible for maintaining a child-centered approach through the problem-solving philosophy and for building the self-esteem of all children in the Center.
4. Concerns about education or development of the children should be brought to the attention of the Executive Director immediately.
5. Suspected child abuse should be reported to the Executive Director immediately.
6. Staff must respect confidentiality of all children/parents/staff in the Center. Staff should not discuss children with parents of other children or discuss difficult problems with parents in the presence of the child being discussed: a conference should be scheduled.
7. Staff is responsible for ensuring that children do not leave the Center other than in the custody of an authorized escort.
8. Staff should participate in staff meetings and in-house training is required.
10. Staff members must conduct themselves in a professional manner while on the premises or in the exercise of their duties with respect to their position.

Tours are held once a month.
Call for details:

Cathy Prygrocki, Director

1200 6th Avenue, Ste 200
Seattle, WA 98101