"We love the way the Greentree helps our kids learn the social skills necessary to solve problems. We think this is the best possible preparation for kindergarten."

"The teachers are what make Greentree special. Few preschools can boast of having teachers who have been there for five years or longer, and GT has several."

"The downtown location provides a wonderful jumping off point for field trips to the new library, Pike Place Market, Soundbridge, and even the Seattle Center. Sometimes I am jealous when I hear about what Molly got to do with her pre-K class."

– Henry Wigglesworth, Federal District Court

"By the time I was ready to place my first child in daycare, I had already heard many positive comments about Green Tree from friends and coworkers. But it was not until I started spending time in the center that I really understood what a great place it is. Green Tree is managed under policies that reflect many of my core values: staff and children are treated with respect, diversity is valued, and the vegetarian meals are well balanced and prepared with fresh ingredients. My daughters’ teachers have a sound understanding of child development AND they really care about children. Knowing that my children are not only safe and content, but happily learning new skills, is critical to my ability to focus on work when I arrive at the office."

– Roberta Hedeen, EPA

"As a community we all take care of each other. The wonderful caring teachers foster an environment to guide and nurture our children to be proud, respectful, and ready to take on the world. Our community recognizes the importance of teacher retention and strives to offer unsurpassed benefits and salary. These are not just goals to create very sastisfied families and staff, they are Greentree's philosophies."

– Margaret Chien

Tours are held once a month.
Call for details:

Cathy Prygrocki, Director

1200 6th Avenue, Ste 200
Seattle, WA 98101